It is the marked increase of breast tissue in men, causing him insecurity, low self-esteem and even forcing him to change the type of clothing worn.

This condition occurs in 40% of men, generated by a hormonal imbalance, which consists in the rising of oestrogen above testosterone for different reasons. This imbalance is very important to keep in mind when a clinical examination is previously made to the patient. In addition, it is clear that puberty is a physiological cause that disappears over time, therefore it is necessary to consider this period when determining surgery. This procedure aims to return the lost chest contour, resulting in a male chest.

The surgical procedure can range from a simple opencast extraction of breast tissue, through a small incision surgery, to an opencast surgery combined with liposuction, which is mostly applied, and with a very acceptable outcome for the patient.

In extreme cases, where excess skin and gland is very noticeable, surgical techniques are applied similar to those performed in a female breast reduction.

This procedure lasts about 2 hours, and is performed under general anaesthesia or sedation and hospitalization for 12 to 24 hours in a common room. After surgery, the patient will receive antibiotics, analgesics for 4 days, lymphatic drainage, and ultrasound and will use girdle thoracic about 20 days.