My mission is to provide a detailed and personalized medical care first scientific level for each patient. With the premise to understand and realize that beyond the particular treatment required not forget to take the patient as a whole, by highlighting above all in your overall health.
Through medical and scientific advances in plastic surgery provide a result consistent with the personality of each patient, in harmony with the rest of the body and helping to improve their quality of life.

About me

I am Eduardo Javier Sosa of 35 years old. My vocation for medicine began when my 12 years, I saw for the first time a case of hands with burns. Waking up in my concern for the specialty entrenched over time.

Today the several years of that time with love for this noble specialty I have only words of thanks to God for allowing me to exercise it.

Vocational training

The scientist is combined with Art

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What is beauty?

Beauty is commonly defined as the characteristic of one thing after perceiving through a sense (sight) it generates a feeling of pleasure or a feeling of satisfaction.

Tomas de Aquino defines beauty as that which pleases the eye (quae visa placet).

Plastic surgery is a noble specialty that deals with the correction of all congenital process, acquired, tumor or involution, requiring repair or replacement, or affects the function and or facial and body shape.

Plastic Surgeon as I have the mission to provide treatment first scientific level my patients, from the acquired knowledge of tactics, technique, but especially from an artistic concept.

In order to always seek a harmonious result with the rest of the body, according to the personality of each patient, aesthetically acceptable and contribute to improving the quality of life of people.

Our team

We have a team of specialized professionals in different areas, all related to aesthetics and body care.

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Eduardo Sosa

Dr. Eduardo Sosa is a specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. After graduating as a doctor at the National University of Cordoba and his stint as a resident in general surgery, performed four years of training in plastic and reconstructive cosmetic surgery.

He graduated from the residence of Plastic Surgery Prof. Dr. José Juri, in Buenos Aires, Argentina doctor. He is also a graduate of the postgraduate course dictates Argentina Society of Plastic Surgery. It has also acquired education abroad as internal plastic surgery resident at Planas Clinic of Barcelona, ​​Spain, this being the second largest in the world in the field, plastic surgery facial cosmetic center was formed with the world renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr. . Timothy Marten, at his clinic in San Francisco, California, USA.

Currently as a specialist in plastic surgery is constantly updated and projecting the participation of new foreign scholarships already awarded and various conferences. Without losing the will to continue learning and investing in education.

Medical Mastologist

The mastology or senology is a medical specialty dedicated to the study of mammary glands. The mastólogo is the specialist prevents, diagnoses and treats diseases of the breast.

In the area of mastology involving multiple specialties, such as surgery, radiation therapy, radiology, oncology, and plastic surgery


Medical Sports


What is the role it plays in sports medicine? Medical practice not only concerned with the healing of injuries, wounds or disease, also it is responsible for understanding how our body reacts to extreme or competitive physical demands. Precisely, Sports Medicine, also known as Deportología, is the specialty that deals with the study of physical activity.

Medical Phlebology

Phlebology is a branch of medicine that studies the condition of the veins.

There is a shed and pathological study treatment and another dedicated to cosmetic or aesthetic phlebology. Within the first category, phlebology studies venous thromboembolism.

Nutrition Counselor

In all places where adequate food can help improve the quality of life, nutritionists teach, investigate, assess, guide and advise.


Aesthetics is a craft which have the effect caring and beautify the human body, using the cosmetic or beauty treatments using various


The surgical instrumentalist is a professional surgical team, with a level of scientific and technical knowledge, allowing it to offer a service of quality care to the surgical patient through the application process instrumentation, sterilization, biosecurity, environmental sanitation and management, to contribute to the improvement or restoration of health of the patient to operate.

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